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Marfeel is a technology enabling the automatic transformation of web content into optimized mobile-designed content. Marfeel.com Entrepreneurs Juan Margenat Xavi Beumala Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesMARFEEL raises $2 million in Series A MARFEEL was founded in 2011 by Xavi Beumala and Juan I. Margenat. MARFEEL’s technology automtically turns any publisher’s or media website into the [...]


Agnitio is a worldwide market leader in Voice ID products, enabling crime prevention, criminals identification and supplying evidence in court. It was acquired by Nuance in 2016. Agnitio Entrepreneurs Emilio Martinez Javier Castano Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesElaia Partners announces two successful exits with the acquisition of Agnitio by Nuance and Teads by Altice Elaia [...]


Keymantics provides the most advanced software for a scientific, data-driven approach to programmatic advertising. kmtx.com Entrepreneurs Arthur Querou Franck Tetzlaff Elaia Team Pauline Roux

Carnet de Mode

Carnet De Mode is a Paris-based fashion marketplace gathering the best of over 200 worldwide designers. It was acquired by Bagora in 2018. Carnetdemode.com Entrepreneurs Arbia Smiti Elaia Team Samantha Jerusalmy Related articlesBAGORA fait l’acquisition de CARNET DE MODE et son expertise en Marketplace internationale BAGORA, holding d’un groupe industriel français dans le domaine des [...]

Cook Angels

CookAngels is an “Eat-box“ containing recipes and ready-to-use ingredients for gourmet meals. In 2018, Norac took a majority stake in the startup. Cookangels.com Entrepreneurs Charlotte Sieradzki Joy Solal Elaia Team Samantha Jerusalmy Related articlesCook Angels annonce la prise de participation majoritaire du groupe agroalimentaire Norac Le groupe agroalimentaire Norac — composé de 11 filiales en France et [...]


Geoblink is a location management solution specialized in Retail, Real Estate and FMCG. As location management provider, Geoblink has developed an advanced SaaS solution with an intuitive map interface. Geoblink.com Entrepreneurs Jaime Laulhé Elaia Team Samantha Jerusalmy Christophe Primault Related articlesGeoblink raises 5 million euros to enable companies to take the best location-based decisions Elaia [...]


Ykone is a digital creative agency driven by a passion: making storied brands even more desirable and creative thanks to technology. They work hand in hand with brands to help build and intensify online relationships from designing websites to managing international influencer campaigns. The group Aufeminin acquired Ykone in April 2018. Ykone.com Entrepreneurs Olivier Billon [...]


Armis is a SaaS multi-local advertising solution enabling physical retailers to use local advertising at scale and grow in-store traffic by engaging their local customers on digital media. Armis.tech Entrepreneurs Dan Gomplewicz David Baranes Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Armelle de Tinguy Gabriel Franz Related articlesARMIS raises €6Million in Series A to become a SaaS digital platform [...]


ForePaaS is a platform as a Service dedicated to Big Data and Analysis. Forepaas.com Entrepreneurs Paul Sinaï Elaia Team Marc Rougier Alexis Frentz Related articlesWith the acquisition of ForePaaS OVHcloud strengthens its capabilities to cover the entire data value-chain and increase its portfolio of Platform as a Service (PasS) solutions OVHcloud, the European leader in [...]


Openio is an integrated object storage and serverless computing solution: their innovative architecture enables to build OBS infrastructures that are easy to deploy and scale over time. Openio.io Entrepreneurs Laurent Denel Jean-François Smigielski Elaia Team Marc Rougier Armelle de Tinguy Related articlesWith the acquisition of OpenIO, OVHcloud's ambition is to create the best Object Storage [...]


Zenchef is a digital marketing SaaS suite for restaurants. Zenchef.fr Entrepreneurs Xavier Zeitoun Thomas Zeitoun Julien Balmont Elaia Team Samantha Jerusalmy Related articlesZenchef raises over €50 million from PSG Equity Zenchef, a French restaurant tech leader that develops technology solutions for the restaurant industry, announced today an investment of over €50 million from PSG Equity [...]

Stanley Robotics

Stanley Robotics develops an autonomous valet parking solution in the form of a self-driving robot able to lift, move and park cars. Stanley-robotics.com Entrepreneurs Clément Boussard Aurélien Cord Stéphane Evanno Elaia Team Marc Rougier Gabriel Franz


Realytics is bringing analytics, media planning and programmatic innovations to the TV advertising industry. Realytics.io Entrepreneurs Guillaume Belmas Sebastien Monteil Vincent Nguyen Huu Gregory Bittan Elaia Team Pauline Roux Armelle de Tinguy Related articlesEuropean-Built Adtech: smartclip Acquires Realytics to Form Joint Offer and Accelerate the Convergence of Video Advertising Ecosystems, Including Broadcast and Digital TV [...]


Cryptosense, a spin-off from INRIA created in 2013, provides a cybersecurity software for the detection and remediation of cryptography-related vulnerabilities in applications and IT infrastructures. Its main clients are banks, governmental agencies and software editors. Cryptosense.com Entrepreneurs Graham Steel Clément Jeanjean Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesSandboxAQ acquires Cryptosense to Accelerate Delivery of Security Solutions [...]


Climpact-Metnext is a supply of climate data analysis solutions enabling the evaluation of the impact of climate changes on business activity. Climpact merged in 2012 with Metnext. The new group was acquired by Weathernews in 2016. Climpact-metnext.com Entrepreneurs Patrice Massat Elaia Team Philippe Gire Related articlesClimpact raises 4 millions euros to boost its development Founded [...]


Pandacraft is a disruptive children media. It offers children aged from 3 to 12 a unique experience of craft / magazine / digital activity every month on a dedicated theme. Pandacraft.fr Entrepreneurs Guillaume Caboche Edouard Trucy Elaia Team Pauline Roux

Edoki Academy

Edoki Academy is a publisher of children’s’ educational apps. Edokiacademy.com Entrepreneurs Emmanuel Guyot Sylvain Lumbroso Valérie Touze Elaia Team Samantha Jerusalmy


Talent.io is a selective platform enabling ambitious recruiters to meet the best tech profiles. Talent.io Entrepreneurs Jonathan Azoulay Nicolas Meunier Amit Aharoni Elaia Team Pauline Roux Related articlesTalent.io lève 2 millions d’euros pour faciliter le recrutement des développeurs Alors que les entreprises peinent souvent à recruter des développeurs tant la demande est forte, Talent.io espère [...]


GOOM provides digital audio solutions for interactive content to brands. Goomradio.com Entrepreneurs Emmanuel Jayr Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesGoom Radio raises more than $16 million in Venture Capital to launch internet radio Goom Radio, a newly founded New York-based online radio company, has secured approximately $16 million (12,2 million Euros) in funding from Wellington Partners [...]


Calendra is is the leading provider of web-based business-oriented identity management solutions. It was acquired in 2005 by BMC Software for $33m. Entrepreneurs Alain Péchon Elaia Team Philippe Gire Related articlesBMC Software rachète le français Calendra BMC Software prend pied sur le marché en développement de la consolidation des annuaires d’entreprises avec le rachat du français [...]


ePawn is a technology that captures the positions of real objects on tactile user interfaces. It was sold to Starbreeze, video game development studio and publisher, in 2016. Epawn.fr Entrepreneurs Christophe Duteil Valentin Lefèvre Elaia Team Philippe Gire Related articlesEpawn acquired by Starbreeze, First and successful exit for Elaia Alpha Fund Elaia announces the first exit from Elaia [...]


Sensorly is a free, crowdsourced coverage mapping service for wireless networks, founded in 2010. With over 500k app downloads across 50 countries, Sensorly maps the performance of more than 300 wireless networks worldwide. It was acquired by Mosaik in 2016. Sensorly.com Entrepreneurs Boris Lacroix Philippe Girolami Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesSensorly secures 1M€ in [...]

Digital Healthcare

Digital Healthcare is a leading provider of software solutions and services addressing some of the world’s fastest growing healthcare issues. The company was sold to EMIS Group in August 2013. Emishealth.com Entrepreneurs Kevin McDonnell Nick Nightingale Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesElaia invests in Digital Healthcare   Digital Healthcare Ltd (DH) the Cambridge based software [...]


Wyplay is an open, modular and innovative middleware for TV setup box. Wyplay.com Entrepreneurs Jacques Bourgninaud Dominique Feral Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Pauline Roux Related articlesElaia Partners invests in Wyplay WYPLAY SAS, a pioneer in the development of High-Definition Media Center, today announced it has closed a 10 million euro second round of financing. 2008.05.14 / [...]


Expert of digital signage, Mirane develops its own CMS and provides point-of -sales digital communication solutions. It was acquired by the group MADIC in 2013. Mirane.com Entrepreneurs Cyril Michel Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus


Loglogic is a security information and management software editor for logs management. It was acquired in 2012 by Tibco for $130m. Ykone.com Entrepreneurs Jason DeStefano Thomas Grabowski Peter Jordand Elaia Team Philippe Gire Related articlesTIBCO closes acquisition of LogLogic TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX) today announced that it has completed the acquisition of LogLogic, Inc., a [...]


OpenTrust, the leading provider of digital trust services in Europe, ensures that identities, transactions, documents and digital information exchanges, remain protected. It was acquired by Keynectis in August 2011. Opentrust.com Entrepreneurs Oliver Guilbert Elaia Team Philippe Gire


Jware is the leading provider of e-commerce and mobile payment solutions. It was acquired by Clear2Pay in 2010. Entrepreneurs Gérard Compain Philippe Sérié Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articlesClear2Pay buys Jware Clear2Pay, the international technology provider of next generation payment solutions for financial institutions announces today that it has acquired Jware Technologies, a niche internationally [...]


Mailclark is a smart shared inbox managed in Slack or Microsoft Teams Mailclark.ai Entrepreneurs Anthony Bleton-Martin Antoine Lefeuvre Elaia Team Benoît Georis Related articlesMailclark acquired by Sendinblue Lyon-based start-up MailClark, founded by Anthony Bleton-Martin in 2014, has been acquired by Sendinblue, a Next40 company specializing in email marketing. 2020.09.09  / 2 min read .

C-Radar by DataPublica

C-Radar is a SaaS solution for B2B predictive marketing, based on AI, data mining and open data DataPublica Entrepreneurs Christian Frisch François Bancilhon Elaia Team Related articlesC-Radar / Data Publica joins the Sidetrade Group At the end of June, C-Radar signed its agreement to be acquired by Sidetrade. Sidetrade is a French player (operating in [...]


Niland offers music catalog owners a SaaS music search engine that allows them to perform automated searches even without prior annotation Niland Entrepreneurs Damien Tardieu Christophe Charbuillet Elaia Team Related articlesNiland joins Spotify Spotify has acquired French startup Niland, which describes itself as “a music technology company that provides music search & discovery engines based [...]


Mediego develops a SaaS recommendation engine for media and e-commerce sites. Mediego.com Entrepreneurs Martin Comar Sébastien Campion Elaia Team Laurent Kott Related articlesWelcoming Group acquires Mediego to reinforce their global strategy In order to strengthen their global strategy, by positioning themselves as a true reference partner in the newsletter market, Welcoming Group has acquired the [...]


InforSense is a cutting-edge workflow and datamining software solution. Entrepreneurs David Bennett Elaia Team Philippe Gire Xavier Lazarus Related articlesIDBS Acquires InforSense Providing Solutions For Research & Development Data Management ID Business Solutions Ltd announced that it had concluded an unconditional agreement to acquire InforSense Ltd (InforSense), a company providing scientific and business intelligence (BI) [...]


Exaprotect provides security management software for enterprises and service providers with large-scale and heterogeneous infrastructure. It merged with Loglogic in 2009. The new group was acquired by Tibco in 2012 for $130m. Ykone.com Entrepreneurs Jean-François Dechant Elaia Team Philippe Gire

Power Design Technologies

Power Design Technologies has built PowerForge, a software to design multi-level (i.e. voltage) power converters for various industries like automotive, renewable energy, etc Power Design Technologies Entrepreneurs Nicolas Videau Thierry Meynard Elaia Team Daniel Pilaud Related articlesGamma Technologies Acquires Power Design Technologies, Extends Leadership of Full Vehicle System-level Simulations for Electrified Mobility Applications Gamma Technologies [...]


ARGOSIM provides software tools for the validation of real-time embedded systems, from requirements engineering to automatic test-case generation. Argosim Entrepreneurs Fabien Gaucher Etienne Closse Elaia Team Daniel Pilaud Related articlesArgosim acquired by Dassault Systèmes in January 2019 Jan 2019


Ornis is an information system outsourcing (networks and applications software) for SMEs. Entrepreneurs Jean Marie Labeyrie Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus

NTR Global

NTR Global provides help desk and device management solutions, used by a growing client base of more than 14,000 companies in 60 countries. Founded in 2000, the company was acquired by ASG Software Solutions in April 2012. Ntrglobal.com Entrepreneurs Gilles Samoun Elaia Team Xavier Lazarus Related articles€22M expansion round for NTRglobal NTRglobal, an international leader [...]