Moments Lab’s mission is to help content producers build videos faster. The platform makes audiovisual content searchable to reduce the time spent sourcing the key moments required to tell a story. MXT Multimodal AI is here to address video indexing challenges, describing sequences in natural language, enabling content professionals to focus on creativity and higher-value decisions.

Philippe Petitpont
Frédéric Petitpont

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Newsbridge, the AI & Cloud Media company, raises 7 million euros in Series A funding round to continue its expansion to the U.S.A, and hire top AI and Media Engineering talent to continue its R&D in Multimodal AI Indexing for media assets.

2022.09.09 / 3min read.

Newsbridge, a cloud-based media valorization platform powered by AI, announces today its next round of investment, totaling €4 million, along with an impressive list of recently signed clients including: TF1 Group, French Federation of Football (FFF), and recently launched Asharq News that has an exclusive content agreement with Bloomberg Media. 

2021.03.30 / 3min read.

Newsbridge is a video contribution and analysis platform offering journalists, production companies and rights holders immediate access to their most relevant content and revolutionizes video production and editing processes. The company has just closed a €1.5M round led by Elaia.

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