vChain’s CodeNotary offers easy to use trust and integrity solutions for the DevOps process, source to deployment.

Moshe Bar
Dennis Zimmer

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Houston, June 2, 2020 – vChain Inc, the world-wide leader in immutability solutions, has released to the general public version v0.6.0 of our industry-leading immutable database, immudb, the lightweight, high-speed immutable database for systems and applications. immudb is the first open-source immutable database available to developers, auditors and system administrators today.

With immudb organizations can track changes in sensitive data in your transactional databases and then record those changes permanently in a tamperproof immudb database. This allows customers to keep an indelible history of sensitive data, for example debit/credit card transactions.

2020.06.02 / 3min read.

vChain (, the leading trust and integrity company, today announces the close of a $7M Series A investment round. Elaia, a leading European venture fund, led the new investment round which includes also other notable investors such as Swiss-based Bluwat and Acequia Capital (Seattle, USA). vChain was founded in late 2018 and released its first product in April 2019.

2020.01.22 / 4min read.