We bring additive manufacturing to the nanometric scale.


Amin M’Barki
Pascal Boncenne

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Hummink is developing a nano-printing technology for the microelectronics and semiconductor markets. With a process that is simpler and more efficient than current industry standards, Hummink aims to reduce the number of manufacturing steps for certain complex components by a factor of 10, thereby reducing development and manufacturing costs and the industry’s energy footprint.

2022.11.09 / 4min read.

Hummink is a deeptech startup that develops a novel additive manufacturing technology at the nanometric scale. Spun-off from the Ecole Normale Superieure and Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, in Paris, Hummink recently raised a seed financing round led by Elaia Partners, with the participation of Beeyond and PSL University. With its breakthrough direct printing technique, Hummink’s mission is to provide the semiconductor, screen or molecular diagnostic industries the tools to design, fast-prototype and manufacture at the nanoscale.

2020.10.08 / 4min read.