We back ambitious tech entrepreneurs with capital and care,
we strive for performance with values.


We invest from Pre-Seed to Series B in B2B Tech companies


We know how precious your time is. We might end up working together or not, but in any case, we commit to being transparent and always respond.

We are your partner

Your success is our success. We are as much your advisor and sparring partner as your shareholder and board member. Our complementary team of scientists, entrepreneurs and business-savvy people is hands-on and dedicated to your success.

That’s why we are supportive in the good times and also in the bad times. With a cumulated total of over 150 years of investment experience, we have seen many companies pivot, others not so much and many achieve a very successful exit or IPO. The road to success includes potential failure and the necessity to adapt.

We strive for performance with values

We are entrepreneurs of our own startup: we manage risk too. We have lived awesome ventures with great entrepreneurs. We partner early and roll up our sleeves.

Success comes from the founders talent, vision and dedication – we are only an enabling agent. You can call anyone from our portfolio at any time for a reference. And if we partner together, you will become a reference too.

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